Boys & Girls Club

Contact Info:
Boys & Girls Club Office                     477-4134
Boys & Girls Club                                  477-4133

The Boys & Girls Club Mission:
To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Early Closing Dates

In 2017-2018 on all PLC days we will close at 5 Pm for staff development meetings.

Program Areas:
Sports, Fitness and Recreation
Education and Career Development
The Arts
Health & Life Skills
Character & Leadership

Specific Clubs:
Power Hour (education/tutoring)
Cooking Club
Torch Club (leadership)
Dance Club
Fitness Club
Gardening/Courtyard Crew
Trail Blazers Club (recreation)
News Letter Club
Chess Club
Art Club
(permission forms must be signed by parent/guardian before students can participate in the above clubs)

Personal Items:
Each student is responsible for his/her belongings.  We highly encourage leaving items such as MP3 players and hand-held game systems at home.  All items brought into the Teen Center including coats, backpacks, school supplies, and personal items are the responsibility of the student.  The Boys & Girls Club Staff is not responsible for watching personal items or replacing any items that may be lost or stolen.

Rules and Expectations:
Use of the Club is a PRIVILEGE based on behavior of each individual student.  The staff will enforce the rules and expectations in accordance to those set forth by Park Middle School Administration and The Boys & Girls Club.  Any violations of the following rules may result in temporary or permanent removal from the Boys & Girls Club.  In certain situations, disciplinary action will also be carried out by Park administration.

1.    Students must remain in the teen center unless accompanied by a staff member.  Students are not allowed to congregate in Cooper Park, on the sidewalk, or unsupervised on school grounds after school.  Students who enter Cooper Park after school will not be allowed back into the Club.  If a student is waiting for a ride, they must wait inside the Club or outside on the ramp or sidewalk.  Students can not re-enter the Boys & Girls Club after they have left school grounds.  It is the responsibility of the student and parents to coordinate the appropriate time of arrival and departure from the teen center.  Staff is not responsible for keeping students at the club until specified times.

2.    Students must be respectful to each other and to staff members.  Personal space must be respected and hands must be kept to themselves at all times.  No inappropriate language, taunting, or talking back is allowed at any time.

3.    Students who are absent or suspended from school will not be allowed to attend on those days.  This includes both in school suspensions as well as out of school suspensions.  Excused absences such as doctors appointments are not considered an absence.

4.    Students who get into physical or verbal altercations with staff or fellow students will receive a minimum two (2) week suspension from the Boys & Girls Club.  Such altercations include the following: fighting, play fighting, shouting matches, taunting, etc.  Any of the above actions will result in notification of School Administration and may result in further action.  Both the Club and School Administrators have the right to extend or permanently remove a student from the Boys & Girls Club on a case by case basis.

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