Welcome to Park’s MTSS-B Page!

What is MTSS-B?

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MTSS stands for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. At Park, we believe that relationships, strong academic and behavior instruction and a continuum of strategies and interventions are the best way to support our students.   Behavior expectations and examples will be taught, modeled, practiced, re-taught, and reinforced throughout the year.   We hope to reach all students by positively teaching and reinforcing expectations, therefore affording all students the rewards of positive choices.


At Park Middle School, our students are expected to be SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE. There are posters in each area of our building that serve as teaching points.

Home Connection:

As kids get older, they become more independent in their daily activities. However, they still need parental support in order to be able to problem solve and make good decisions. 

Here are some questions to ask so you can stay connected with your child and Park Middle School.

Park Middle School Home Expectations

Panther Paws: 

Students are recognized for following expectations in the classroom by receiving Panther Paws. 

  • Daily Winners: Students get to sit in the “throne” with 6 friends.
  • Weekly Winners: Students can win a variety of prizes. Raising Cane’s, Runza, t-shirts, lanyards, games, and more. 

School Store:

Students are able to purchase items at our school store using their Panther Paws. The store is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays before and after school.

We will be adding more items throughout the year. Prices may change as well!

Current list of prizes and prices:

Pause, Reset, Refocus: 

These are the strategies teachers use in the building to help students make better choices with their behavior.

  • Pause – Teacher gives a verbal or nonverbal correction to students to change their behavior.
  • Reset – Teacher tells student to take time to Refocus. Student remains in the learning environment. They will have a conversation with their teacher about why they were asked to Refocus and what they could do differently the next time. Students are not in trouble in the Refocus seat, but if a student has multiple Resets their parents may be called to help problem solve how to help them be more successful.
  • Refocus – Teacher gives students a Refocus sheet and student leaves the room. The student walks to another classroom to complete a more detailed plan for successful behavior in the classroom. The student is required to conference with the teacher before coming back into the classroom. Parent contact is made for every Refocus a student receives. 

Weekly Behavior Objectives: 

As a building, we focus on a specific behavior in each classroom. Students receive specific positive praise for meeting this behavior objective. They also receive Panther Paws.