PLC Day Schedule

General Overview: Students will spend a majority of the day (Panther Pride, Goals, Building Wide) in an assigned homeroom with a consistent group of peers. Teachers will rotate in and out of the classroom throughout the day. 

Grade level teams will divide up the homeroom classrooms into different purposes during the remainder of the day (Academic/Enrichment, Incentive Time) based on student needs and assign teachers to supervise each homeroom classroom for their allotted times.

Panther Pride – Team building and class building activities, plus a fun competition against Goodrich students each month. Who will win the trophy?!

Goals (Advisory) – An advisory time for teachers to check in with students on their goals as well as their academic progress for the month. Students will work through their goal setting sheet while their teacher checks on their progress of last month’s goal.

Academic/Enrichment Time – Students will use their goal setting sheet as their ”ticket” into either assigned.

  1. Time to catch up on work for those that need it
  2. Enrichment activities for those that are caught up

Incentive Time – If a student meets their monthly goal, they may participate in one of the incentive choices for the month. If they did not meet their goal, they will work with a teacher on identifying what was difficult for them and how they might improve this next month. Students will use their goal setting sheet as their ”ticket” into either assigned area.

Building Wide Time – A standard time building-wide for SRP drills, behavior reteachings, booster lessons, Celebration of Excellence and other logistical pieces as needed.