Covid Update

Quarter 1 – Cross Country, Volleyball and Soccer

  • A determination will be made prior to August 25 regarding whether or not Fall Athletics will be conducted.
  • No practices or meetings will be allowed thru Friday September 4.
  • If allowed; beginning on or after September 8, Intramural activities may begin for Cross Country, Volleyball and Soccer.
  • Participants will be required to have completed the Parent Consent and Medical form prior to participation in any activity.
  • Competition between schools (Extramurals) will not occur during the fall season. (This means that all competitions, if we are having them this fall, will be strictly within each school.)
  • If school is determined to be on a 50/50 attendance plan, participants will only participate on the days they are at school in person.
  • Students who opt to participate in Remote Learning will be allowed to participate on the days they would regularly be in school.
  • Participants should be cohorted as much as possible.
  • Focus should be put on skill development as opposed to only competition.
  • Spectators at any school event will not be allowed.
  • Activities for Cross Country, Volleyball and Soccer will conclude prior to October 9.



The goal of activities is to provide a supportive environment for students to enhance academic pursuits and to achieve goals pertaining to increased success, social development, physical development, cooperation, positive self-concept, and personal worth and integrity. Further, activities should enable students to explore interest areas, develop new interests, and apply new knowledge through participation in individual and group activities. The intent of activities is for students to gain a sense of pride in accomplishments, to maintain the proper perspective of losing and winning, and to do one’s best at whatever that level may be.

Belief Statements

The following belief statements underscore the intent of Lincoln Public Schools Middle Level Activities. The statements found below were conceived with the intent that not only student athletes would benefit from their formulation, but others would as well. All those involved with Middle Level Activities such as coaches, parents, officials, and spectators should familiarize themselves with the belief listed below.

  • To encourage student athletes to conduct themselves in a manner which brings credit to themselves and their schools.
  • To expand student athletes awareness of various activities through inclusive exploration regardless of individual strengths or needs.
  • To apply newly acquired skills through activities that require both individual and group participation/cooperation.
  • To promote the development of self-discipline, self-esteem and self-worth.
  • To enhance and shape the proper perspective of losing and winning.

Intramural Offerings

Intramural and extramural athletics are offered for middle school students in Lincoln Public Schools. A major emphasis of seventh and eighth grade intramural sports is to introduce athletes to the fundamentals of sports and promote the enjoyment of sports. Learning to play the sport competitively and preparing middle school for high school sports are also a major goals of intramurals. This means there is no guarantee of equal playing time in “A”, “B”, or “C” level intramurals.

Sixth graders may participate in intramural practice as long as there is adequate space and availability. Cross country and wrestling are the two sports that best accommodate sixth grade participants. Please remember that sixth grade participants are not allowed to compete in Saturday morning contests until they are seventh and/or eighth graders. This is Department of Education Rule 10. 

For more information about intramurals, contact Mark Cuddy, Park’s Athletic Director. for information at 402-436-1212 or

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